How to edit the GoCardless Sepa mandate message on checkout?

Modified on: Mon, 28 Nov, 2022 at 3:45 PM

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I want to change GoCardless Sepa mandate message on checkout.


In order to change the wording of the message, we would need to make changes in your Language pack. Below are the steps 

1. Go to Settings » Configure Chargebee » Languages. 

  • Click Download Language pack

  • Chargebee will send an email with the link to download the language pack.

  • The link will lead to downloading a file in .zip format

2. Now unzip the file and navigate to En* > Internal> open the file "hosted_pages_v3.csv" and Update the right wordings in the value column (Column B)  for the row named "".

3. Once this is done, zip the language pack again and upload it back into your Chargebee site, using the "Upload Language Pack" option in Step 1.

Do try the steps out first on your TEST site and then proceed with your LIVE site.

*En, if you have English as the primary language, choose the respective language main folder (for example de for German etc)

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