How does Reporting on Deflection and Save Trends in Chargebee Retention work?

Modified on: Thu, 6 Oct, 2022 at 4:28 PM


How does Reporting on Deflection and Save Trends in Chargebee Retention work?



We have added two new trend reports to Chargebee Retention to help you get additional visibility into how your Deflection Funnel is performing. 

  • Save Performance Trends
  • Deflection Trends

Save Performance Trends

The Save Performance Trends report provides visibility into your overall Deflection Funnel performance. We present the total number of cancels, saves, and watch lists for the given period as well as the Save and Deflect rates for that period.

You can hide or remove metrics on the chart by selecting the labels below the graph and can toggle on / off showing data labels in the view.

With this new report, you have the ability to track how changes in your Cancel Experience over time are impacting your key rates/session outcomes.

Deflection Trends

The Deflections Trends report gives you a breakdown of the different types of deflection we see in Chargebee Retention. Here you see the total number of loss aversion offer accepts, modal offer accepts and passive deflects for a given period. These are the core types of deflection we see in Chargebee Retention, and it is helpful to be able to track the change in these rates over time as you evolve your testing. 

Just like with the Save Performance chart, you can toggle on/off the metrics you want to show by selecting the labels below. Now you can track how changes to your offer mix or loss aversion cards are driving those key rates in your cancel experience.

If you have any questions on how to track your performance in Chargebee Retention, please contact

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