How to migrate your vanity domain to LetsEncrypt in Chargebee Retention?

Modified on: Thu, 6 Oct, 2022 at 12:06 PM


How to migrate your vanity domain to LetsEncrypt in Chargebee Retention?


We have upgraded our internal infrastructure to support dynamic certificate issuance from LetsEncrypt.

LetsEncrypt allows organizations like Chargebee Retention to obtain and manage SSL certificates on behalf of their customers. In the olden days of Chargebee Retention, setting up the vanity URL was a clunky, multi-step process. With LetsEncrypt, we've streamlined that process to make it easier and more stable for new and old customers alike.


The migration process

To make this migration possible, we’ll need to temporarily switch you back to the default cancel experience. For the short duration of time needed to make the switch, your canceling customers won’t see your vanity domain.  We’ll alert you when we’ve switched you back, which is when you’ll update your vanity domain CNAME record.

Once we've given you the go-ahead, we'll need you to accomplish a few things in your DNS:

  1. If your TTL (time to live) is high, you'll need to lower it to 60s.
  2. Update your vanity domain DNS record of Type CNAME ( to point to
  3. Let us know once the change has been made.

Once we know you've made the change, we'll confirm the new certificate was successfully issued and re-enable your cancel experience to use your custom domain name.

Note: Once you save the CNAME, it can take up to 24 hours to propagate and properly point to Chargebee Retention, but changes may take effect in as little as an hour. If you see any TTL settings when setting up your CNAME, set those as 60s.

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