How are Save and Cancel Return URLs critical to your Chargebee Retention?

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How are Save and Cancel Return URLs critical to your Chargebee Retention?


The Save and Cancel Return URLs are critical to your Chargebee Retention setup, as these links determine where your customers will get routed to after they click Cancel or Nevermind on the page. We provide a few options for configuring these URLs. Typically our customers who use the Chargebee Retention.JS to initiate a cancel session will pass these URLs in fields that get mapped into Chargebee Retention. You can configure the fields for each of these URLs in Settings > Field Mappings


Configuring URL Fields

Once you have mapped the URLs here, they will be set as the default URLs in your Global URLs under the Settings > Setup

These Global URL configurations will be selected by default when you go to edit your Page Settings for new pages 

Note: The existing URL configurations at the time of this release will not be updated automatically.

You also have the option to override the Global URL at the page level and fill in your own URL or link these buttons to Confirmation Pages that you configure.

If you select the Confirmation Page, you will be presented with an additional drop-down to select which page you would like to have connected to that button. Be sure to review our article on Confirmation Pages for more details on how this work. 

We present each of these three dropdown options now everywhere in the retention app where a URL field is presented. You can choose to have individual URLs for each of your Offers or use the global default in the Offer Editor as well. 

Editing a URL field in Chargebee Retention

You can update these URLs by either plugging in a static URL or by selecting the 'globe' icon which will provide a list of all field types that are mapped as URLs. 

Note: You must provide a valid URL structure here, otherwise the settings will not save and an error message will be shown.

The 'lightning bolt' field editor allows you to pull dynamic URL variables into Chargebee Retention. These work by adding a ? and the field reference, then embedding after the '=' as shown below.

If you have any questions about the Cancel Confirmation and Save Return URLs please contact

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