What are the features available in the Chargebee Retention Essential plan?

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What are the features available in the Chargebee Retention Essential trial plan?


The Essentials Trial and Essentials Plan enable a fully self-service use case of the Chargebee Retention. This plan is different from our core performance plan in a number of key ways and is designed to enable lower volume and less sophisticated subscription businesses to get launched with a Deflection Funnel that starts saving customers. We cover the key differences between Performance and Essentials in this blog post, including the various use cases that are supported by each plan. 

This article will focus on two main areas:

  • Essentials Trial
  • Essentials Paid Plan


Essentials Trial

The essentials trial is a 30-day trial experience of our Essentials Plan that allows you to build out your Cancel Page and deploy a basic A/B or Rules-Based Cancel Experience. If you do not have an existing Chargebee Retention account, you can sign up for a trial at app.brightback.com/trial-signupYou will be taken through a three-step sign-up process that captures some key information about your account and then will be launched into a new Chargebee Retention trial account. 

The Chargebee Retention trial allows you to access the full Essentials Experience Manager and Settings tabs but restricts access to any reports until you have purchased them. 

Note: Chargebee Retention reports will become available to you on the Essentials Plan once you become a paid customer. We do not restrict our existing in-app reports to Essentials customers. Future Advanced Reporting may be restricted, but you will get full access to the Cancel Insights, Offer Performance, Experience Performance, Cancel & Save Trends, Deflection & Save Performance Trends, and the Customers Page. At the end of 30 days, your trial will expire.

At this point, you will still have access to the admin application. However, if you have published a Chargebee Retention page with live traffic, we will be shutting this off unless you purchase a paid plan. 

Essentials Plan

The Essentials Plan allows you to get started on Chargebee Retention by enabling lower volume cancel use cases to deploy up to four pages and for Audiences at a single time. 

With this setup, you can easily test two different offer categories or types, or you can set up a High-Value and Low-Value test page and target them at specific sets of customers. The goal here is to enable you to start testing out different approaches within your Deflection Funnel.

There are a few key limitations of the Essentials Plan that you should be aware of:

  • You are limited to four Chargebee Retention Pages + a no-offer Holdout Page
  • You are limited to four Audiences 
  • You get access to email-based support, but do not get a dedicated TAM to assist with retention strategies 
  • You get our basic Branding editor without the ability to input custom CSS
  • You get access to our Chargebee, Stripe, Recurly, Slack, and Segment Integrations (Salesforce is a Performance Plan feature)

If you already have a cancel flow with multiple offer types being presented, you are probably a better fit for our Performance Plan and should request a demo to get started. 

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