How to manage alerts in Chargebee Retention?

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How to manage alerts in Chargebee Retention?

How to manage to send email offer replies in Chargebee Retention?


Alerts help keep you in the loop whenever a customer triggers events in the cancel experience like successful deflections or actions initiated. Configure Alerts to stay notified via Slack or Email in Settings Menu in the lower left sidebar. 


In Settings, find Alerts  & webhooks.
In the Alerts Settings, you’ll see a list of available notifications you can enable by Slack or Email, and which alerts are active. alerts with a Slack icon are available via the Slack integration, and alerts with an email icon are available to receive by email.
Click the pencil icon to enable or disable any alert. 
Toggle switches on or off to enable or disable notifications by Slack or email, or toggle the status switch off to disable the alert completely.

Reach out to if you need to change the email address and alert sends to, especially useful for tracking or following up with customers. 

Webhooks and Zapier

The Alerts in the Settings Menu not only reflect our ready-built Slack and Email notifications but also reflect events that can trigger both webhooks and Zaps with Zapier. If you want to get extra fancy, like adding to email lists or setting off journey's in your marketing automation tools, check out our guides on Zapier and webhooks: 

Email Offer Notifications

If you're using the Send Email Offer Modal the Sent an Email Alert manages the email that comes from.

The Sent and Email Alert sends the following information in the body of the email:

The Feedback section contains the content of the email sent. Reach out to us at to make changes to the template.

Managing Sent an Email Offer replies 

The best practice for managing Sent an Email Offer replies is to get those emails in the hands of your customer support or success teams, so they can reply, track, or report accordingly.

For the purposes of setting up automation workflows or rules in your help desk, the From address is, but the Reply-to is set as your customer's email address so that you can reply. The default Subject is Chargebee Retention Feedback from (Customer Variable) but can be set to whatever you'd like. Reach out to to make changes to your email notification subject.

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