Chargebee Retention Billing integrations (Chargebee Billing, Stripe, Recurly)

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Chargebee Retention integration with Chargebee Billing?

Chargebee Retention integrations with Stripe?

Chargebee Retention integrations with Recurly?


Billing is core to your subscription retention strategy and we have made it core to Chargebee Retention as well. Navigate from Settings > Setup tab. Our Billing Integrations with Chargebee Billing, Stripe and Recurly support a range of functionality that is core to the Chargebee Retention use case of automating the cancel funnel. We have broken down our Billing Integration into four key use cases:

  • Attribution
  • Enrichment
  • Offer Management 
  • Cancel Management
  • Repurchase Cohorts (offline)


Each of these forms the building blocks of an integrated cancel experience that can be measured and optimized on a cohort by cohort basis. For more on how to configure our specific billing integrations, view the following links:

Once you have integrated, you can enable each of the supported integration features on the Settings > Setup tab. 

Data Enrichment

Getting the right data into Chargebee Retention is critical to your ability to optimize the customer retention journey. Chargebee Retention's Data Enrichment feature allows you to pull fields from your billing system such as Name, Plan Type, Term, Contract Value, etc. into Chargebee Retention. These fields can be used to personalize the Cancel Experiencedefine Audiences, or for inclusion in a custom ML model. This article covers how to set up Billing Enrichment in detail. 


Chargebee Retention's Attribution integrates connects to your billing systems to validate that Saved customers are in fact still active paying customers. In this process, we also pull back the revenue values associated with saves, watch lists and canceled customers and apply these values in Chargebee Retention Reporting. Deflecting a customer is not enough, we want to ensure that that customer is an active subscriber who continues to repurchase your product or service. This Save Validation and Revenue Attribution process is core to our billing integrations and is currently available for Stripe, Recurly, or Chargebee Billing customers. 

Cancel Management 

Integrating Chargebee Retention requires you to be able to update subscription records to process the results of your canceled sessions. Chargebee Retention integrates directly with Stripe, Recurly and Chargebee to process cancels without any additional engineering effort required. This allows customers to directly connect to their billing system and start processing cancels instead of having to do so via webhook, redirect URL, or email. If you are a Stripe, Recurly, or Chargebee Billing customer and need help configuring Cancel Management, review this help doc.

Offer Management

A core component of maximizing the impact of Chargebee Retention is the ability to test multiple types of Offers in the Cancel Experience. With Chargebee Retention's Offer Management integration, you can link your Discount, Pause, Extention, and Plan Change offer directly from Chargebee Retention to Stripe, Recurly, or Chargebee Billing. Doing so will allow you to process updates to your subscription records automatically. Gone are the days of having to wait in line for Engineering to implement a new Pause offer or Discount code. You can configure all of this in Chargebee Retention and your billing system directly without writing any code. For more on Offer Management, review this help doc.

LTV / Repurchase Cohorts

The core value of Chargebee Retention is increasing your subscriber LTV by driving repurchase revenue after a customer visits the Cancel Page. To measure this impact, we track repurchase revenue on a cohort basis to determine which Offers and Pages are retaining the most customers. Right now this process is managed offline with our customers, but we will be adding support for it to our admin app in the future. If you would like help with a repurchase analysis, please contact

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