How to set localized payment instructions for bank transfer?

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I want to translate the payment instructions for different languages. 


 To translate ‘Bank Transfer Details’ on the invoice pdf attachment, you need to download the ‘Language Pack’ (under the respective language folder > mandatory folder > payment_instructions.csv). You can also edit the 'Payment Instructions' label from invoice.csv & enum.csv.


In order to change language contents for Payment Instructions, follow the steps below:

1. Downloading language pack

You can download the language pack from Settings >> Languages translate all the values in the language pack and upload it to the same page. More details about configuring multiple languages within Chargebee can be found here.




2. Editing the language pack 

Unzip the downloaded pack. You will see the folder structure as shown below.


Note: Language folders will be in the code name, say for example fr-French, en-English & de-German in the above screenshot.

3. To edit the Payment instructions on the invoice pdf, then navigate to en > mandatory > payment_instructions.csv

Open the CSV file in an editable format and change the relevant field or text you want to edit by adding the updated information in the ‘Value’ column. Example: If you want to display ‘Bank Name Details’ instead of  ‘Bank Name’, then add ‘Bank Name details’  in the ‘Value’ column

Note: You can edit this CSV file either in a text editor or in Google sheets. Remember to save the file in .csv extension only.

To edit the Payment Instruction label:

You can also edit the 'Payment Instructions' fields from invoice.csv & enum.csv.

Sample invoice pdf for Payment transfer details translation


Note: Support for multiple languages is available from our Rise Plan & Above

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