How to edit the default languages translations given in Chargebee?

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Editing the default language translation given in Chargebee without relying on Chargebee support

I want to rename the labels/default messages in my invoice or emails sent to my customer in French/German

The default language translation for a specific word in German/French is incorrect (grammatical error/ legally incorrect/ not formal) and I need to replace it with the correct translation.  


Chargebee allows you to edit the default languages from February 2021. Before Feb 2021, the default languages cannot be edited by the merchants directly and were required to raise a ticket with This new release helps you to upload language packs of default languages with custom text without waiting for the support team's intervention.


This feature can be applied to the following default languages available in the admin console

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

Note: The Chargebee web-interface (Admin-console) is only available in English

Follow the steps in this link to download a language pack for the default languages. 

Editing the language pack 

  • Unzip the downloaded pack. You will see the folder structure as shown below

  • Click on the internal folder and open the for the language fr (French) and choose the CSV file that you want to edit. Example: If you want to edit the invoices labels that are sent to your customer, then choose invoice.csv

  • Open the CSV file in an editable format and change the relevant field or text you want to edit by adding the updated information in the ‘Value’ column. Example: If you want to display ‘Date’ instead of  ‘Date de la facture’, then add ‘Date’ in the ‘Value’ column

Note: you can edit this csv file either in a text editor or in Google sheets. Remember to save the file in .csv extension only.

Compress the zip file and upload the language pack using the steps given here

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