What are the changes that I need to make to become SCA complaint?

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This article covers
The steps that need to be taken for becoming 3DS complaint

What are the requirements to be PSD2 compliant?


It is important that you complete the entirety of the steps mentioned in the checklist given below to cover all 3DS flows and thereby, letting Chargebee take care of notifying your customer about the payment failure and following up with them for payment recovery.

  • Enable 3D Secure at your gateway 
  • Enable 3D Secure in Chargebee 
  • Enable Dunning for Online Payments 
  • Configure Dunning Emails 
  • Include Failure reason and Pay Now in Dunning Emails 

If you are using Chargebee's checkout page,

then there is absolutely no need for any alterations. Chargebee’s checkout page (full-page/modal) is geared up for the 3D secure functionality.

If you are using Custom checkout to onboard your customers and use APIs to integrate with Chargebee

then you’d have to make necessary changes depending on the gateway that you have integrated with. However, here’s an overview of the entire process.

1) Most of the gateways have client-side JS (For example Stripe JS) using which your customers can complete the 3D secure authentication. This process would return a token.

2) This 3D secure token can then be passed on to Chargebee for creating the subscription. 

Click here to read more about each step you can choose to implement 3DS in Chargebee using Gateway JS.

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