How to translate the terms 'Invoice' and 'Paid' on an invoice?

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How do I edit the terms 'Invoice' and 'Paid' on the invoice?


Here's how you translate them:

1. Download the language pack from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Customer-facing essentials > Languages.

We recommend opening the enums.csv file in google sheets. Replace the current file with the updated file, zip the file and then upload it back into your Chargebee site

2. In the pack, open your specific language's folder and you will find a file named "enums.csv" in the folder named 'internal'.

3. The enums.csv file will have different invoice keys where you can add the translated text to the value column of the key. 

To translate the word “invoice”, update the “value” column for the row “” with the translation you would like to provide. 

To translate the word “Paid” in the invoice for the status,  update the “value” column for the row “” with the translation you would like to provide.

4. Finally, save the file in CSV format, zip the pack completely, and then upload it to your site. 

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